About Us

We provide the best quality prints & accessories

Our customers say it all. With 5 star reviews our products are highly prized not just for their unique content but also for their superior quality.

 Julie’s original artwork has been sold all over the world and copies are now available as prints on canvas or archival paper. We started Dandelions and Poppies from a mutual love and appreciation of art.  Additional we want to share that passion with you and we do it by researching and sourcing the very best fine art, Illustrative artwork and engraving from around the world. It’s quite an eclectic mixed bag from old maps, early Japanese art, crazy and weird inventions of the Victorian era as well as old adverts, posters and sporting prints. 

Some of our more popular collections stem from art deco illustrators like Kay Nielsen, Maxfield Parrish and Virginia Frances Sterrett. 

So take your time and browse the website. If you have a particular requirement or theme you are interested in and don’t see it we are more than happy to collaborate with you in trying to fulfill your needs.  

Our Team

People ask “Why Dandelions and Poppies”. Well there are two reasons. The first being a love of painting Dandelions and Poppies and the second is the names of our two co-founders. Sisters who we adopted at six weeks and are now all grown up and running the business along with Mister Max their elder brother and protector.





Mister Max